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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christ's Call to Follow in His Footsteps

About a year ago I was looking at a Christian website and saw an ad for a free book. I'm all about free.

It was written by a man named K.P. Yohannan. He is founder and president of Gospel for Asia.

He was born and raised in India and he has an incredible testimony.

The free book I got was entitled Revolution in World Missions. It was an amazing book. I think I read half of it to my girlfriend out-loud. I could not stop talking about it. It really struck me deep in my heart.

It isn't a how-to book about missions. It's a book about the power of God and what we need to be doing to help the lost in Asia (and the world really).

If you want to be challenged in your faith, really challenged, then I would encourage you to get it. You can click here to get a free copy. I gave my free copy to João Spencer and I hope he now gives it to someone in Brasilia.

Our family is also a part of an amazing group of believers in Huntsville, Alabama. We get frequent emails from them about everything going on. Prayer requests, praises, videos, etc.

Last week we got a video in an email from them.

It's 4-5 minutes of K.P. Yohannan talking about the most important thing in a believer's life.

Anderson nailed it. After watching the video he said, "Man, that was strong!!"

He's right. It's definitely worth 5 minutes of your time. You will be challenged.

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