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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Trip-The Pousada


We stayed at a pousada in Itajaí called Villa Balangan.

Since you are weird and like to see stuff like this I took some pictures of the place for you.

Our place (the yellow/orangish section).
Café da manhã.....
 .....where we spent some time writing in our diary......
 ......and hanging out with friends.......
 ......and doing both.
Where Garrett and Ansley slept. They alternated who slept on the floor.
Where me and mom slept.
Same room but other side where Carys, Anderson and Giovanni slept.
The stairs that freaked mom out. She thought Quigs might try to go up and down by himself (he did) or that he might get up during the night and try to go downstairs (he didn't because we put all the luggage around the rails). It was, as you can tell, a bit of a steep incline.
Window view.
Bathroom/shower for seven people. Surprisingly there were no fighting over bathroom time.  It was a miracle.
These are our new buddies. It's Glaúcio, Tatiana and their daughter Luana. They are the owners.
In the picture, Luana is sitting in Sandra's lap. Tatiana told us that Sandra came to work for her mom when Tati was 3 years old and that she's been part of the family ever since. Sandra cleaned the rooms and was in charge at breakfast among other things. She always had a smile on her face. Always. They were all very nice. You would've liked them.

Carys hung out with Luana one night in their house playing board games.

The kids also made another new friend. This is Parafina. Glaúcio, Tati and Luana's dog.
One day we came back to the pousada and Parafina had a mohawk and stickers all over her body. Definitely a surfer dog.

Every time we got back to our room she would come in and with us and just hang out. You know Carys and Anderson loved that.

Glaúcio told me he would teach me how to surf the next time we go there. I'm sure I'll break something but it should be fun.

They asked us to come back soon.

It would be nice to be able to go back someday. If we get to, who knows, maybe you can go with us.

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