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Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Night


Last night we went to the Inter game. That's no surprise to you but the surprise is that your mom, Carys and Ansley went.

Garrett actually asked if he could stay home and babysit Giovanni.

It was the International Day of Women game. Inter, as you know, lets every woman in for free. So all the women in the house (even Carys has to pay now) decided they wanted to go.

It was also surprising that they wanted to go because it was a night like this:

It poured rain throughout the first half which meant we looked like this:
We were barely under the overhang on the arquibancada superior but when the wind blew we got wet. Thus the need for the trash bag rain gear.

We got home and our babysitter looked like this:
They were konked out and Finding Nemo was playing.

We played great. Oscar (Ansley's new boyfriend) had an insane game and Damião scored three times.

Before the game the players honored Renan's mom. She died in a car crash last Friday. His dad was driving. He's alive but still in the hospital.
A couple of good quotes related to the game:

As the juizes were coming out onto the field (this one is mainly for Asia).
Anderson: "Whew. Okay good."
Mom: "What?"
Anderson: "The juizes aren't Chinese!"
Mom: "That would be bad if they were Chinese?"
Anderson: "Mom, the Chinese juizes are the worst!!"
Mom: "How do you know that?"
Anderson: "Didn't you watch them in the Mundial? They were terrible!"

It rained so hard in the first half that Ypiranga changed jerseys for the 2nd half. It was a green with yellow accents instead of yellow with green accents.  That led to this:
Carys: "So who is this new team we are playing against now?"
Carys: "This new team."
Me: "Uh, it's the same team. They just changed their jerseys."
Carys: "Oh.....okay."

This morning:
Garrett: "Giovanni was in his bed when you guys got home right?"
Me: "Uh no, he was in our bed."
Garrett: "But he was sleeping right?"
Me: "Yes."
Garrett: "Whew. Okay good. I thought I went to sleep before him."

Here are your highlights:

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