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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

15-Part 2

We burned through the birthday boys list yesterday.

Go eat donuts......

Come back home and open presents......

Go bowling.......

Go eat hamburger and fries......

Go to FC Dallas soccer game (check out the cute girl walking next to my son).....

Everyone bailed on the game except me and my girlfriend which was fine because the little guys were tired from our trip and it was a little cold and windy at the game.

Even though Dallas got beat 3-0 and it was way different than the soccer we are used to,

we couldn't wipe the smile off of Garrett's face as he talked about how much fun he had.

He had a good day.

Oh yeah, I left out number one on his list. Working out together.

Well, you can't get everything you ask for you.


the Jewell family said...

Wow! That looks like an action packed day. I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourselves.

Grace said...

Happy Birthday, Garret!!
It sounded like you had a great day.

Please, bring me one of those Dr. Pepper!

We miss you all!