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Friday, October 14, 2011

Andersonisms and Odds and Ends

Couple of conversations between Anderson and my girlfriend over the last few days.

We know you have missed your Andersonisms so here you go:

Anderson: "Everyone says my teacher next year is SOOO mean!"
Girlfriend: "Well then, just remember what I told you.  If you are nice to your teacher, she will be nice to you.  You just obey the rules and she won't have any reason to be mean to you."
Anderson:  "Yeah..... or I could just get used to her being mean, you know like I did this year. I just got used to my teacher getting on to me when I got in trouble."
(In other words, no need to worry about always obeying the rules, just get used to the yelling!)

Anderson:  Mom, isn't it neat that our family is SO special?
Girlfriend:  Um.... yeah.  Like what do you mean?
Anderson:  Well, I got Guinazu's (one of our favorite soccer players) autograph..... you have a cool blog..... we're Christians...... and we are German!
(Never mind the fact that we are Americans, and he is Brazilian..... Our last name is German, so we are German!)

Odds and Ends:

Our kids always find the best videos on youtube. Yesterday Garrett showed me the one below. It's only purpose is to make you laugh.

We leave in two days for the states. Garrett checked out of school mentally about 2 weeks ago after he found out he was going to be home schooled in the states by my girlfriend for the last semester of the school year (our school year ends in December). So the last 2 weeks of school here aren't counting towards his final grade so it's been bye bye school concentration lately. This school checking out would be a genetic trait he got from me.

This week Carys began checking out mentally with school as well.  It's been interesting trying to get them motivated to go to school.

Garrett is counting down days until he gets to drink a Dr. Pepper. Carys is counting down days until she can eat a doughnut.  About every 5 minutes (literally), she says, "Guess where I wish I was right now."

Anderson wants to see snow for the first time in his life.

Giovanni talks every day about riding on a plane.

Ansley is getting a little nervous about staying by herself for 3 weeks. She just finished an awesome video that we plan on showing to people on our trip. If you run into us you need to ask to see it. It's worth your time. She did a great job of capturing what God is doing here in our city. She has a gift for that kind of creative stuff. I'm not a crier and I've dropped some tears every time I've looked at it so far. It makes me not want to leave and gets me excited to return in January. God's doing some amazing things here and Ansley's video just nails what is going on. Thanks Ans!

Meanwhile, my girlfriend and I are praying for God to stop the earth's rotation a little to slow down the days just long enough to let us get everything done before we step on the plane.

Much is going on in our last few days here. We would appreciate your prayers for peace as we try to get everything done.

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