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Monday, October 24, 2011

Big D to Huntsville

We left Dallas yesterday. Many more blogs to come about our time there but today we wake up in Huntsville, Alabama. City where my girlfriend grew up.

Our flight from Dallas left at 8:20 at night. When we made our plans in August we decided to stay in Dallas on Sunday as long as we could to be able to worship with a church family. It worked out just as we had planned and we were able to worship with our brothers and sisters at The Hills. We were uplifted and encouraged by our time with God's family there.

Anyway, after worship, we ate lunch, went to Andy and Jennifer's (more on them later) to finish packing and then Andy took us to the airport around 6.

We ate supper and then waited to board.

It had been a long day and some people were tired when we got on the plane.

Like these guys.

Like this cute girl (if you couldn't tell she was on her way out from the picture above).

But not this little 3 year old.

The photo above is of him kneeling down by his seat watching a t.v. show on our itouch. He was worn out but he couldn't get still long enough to go to sleep.

It was a battle until about 20 minutes before we landed. He finally agreed to lay down in my lap and about a minute later he was out.

It was a long, good day.

We had an awesome week in Dallas. Better than we could've imagined. God put many new people in our lives and we were blessed to see lots of old friends as well. Some we haven't seen in 20+ years.

I'm not a big conference person at all but I would love to come back to the Global Missions Conference again in 3 years. It was an amazing, encouraging and Spirit filled few days for us.

We now enjoy some time with grandparents and a week in Huntsville.

Lots more to share and we've only been in the states for a week.

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