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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dia das Crianças

Dia das Crianças, or Kids Day, is a Brasilian holiday celebrated every October 12.

No schools are open and almost every business is closed.

It's a day just to celebrate kids.

On Monday the little guys got to dress up for parties at their schools as they celebrated Kids Day.

Reggae Inter fan....
 .....and of course Spiderman.

This morning Giovanni got his face decorated by Carys when he first woke up.

We started a tradition on our first year here and we've been doing it ever since.

The kids wait together to get their presents, just like we do on Christmas day, and then they usually open their presents from youngest to oldest.

This is a photo I found from that very first one in 2002.

This year Giovanni went first and then the kids let him pick the opening present rotation after that.

Chocolate was the theme this year, along with Hot Wheels cars for Giovanni. Everyone was happy because Kit Kat bars just made it to Brasil and they have 4 different kinds (I know not a big deal if you are an American) so they were the gift of choice.

Giovanni also got some Toy Story 3 gummy bears but he would not allow anyone to eat them because he just wanted to play with them as he drove his new cars around Woody and Buzz.

After presents we went and had a cook out at a place near our house.

Ansley entertained while we cooked and got lunch ready.
We ate and then.....

.....my girlfriend made home made ice cream and everyone seemed to like it.

Ansley wanted to know why everyone thought it was cute when a little kid spills ice cream all over himself when eating and takes pictures and talks about how cute it is and not when an 18 year old does it. She then posed for a photo. You can decide which "ice cream spilled on face" look is one you think is more picture worthy.
I personally am going with the 3 year old.

After a little while Dee and Laura (our new missionary friends who just moved here in June) and their kids came and hung out with us.

It was a fun, relaxing day and just what we needed in the middle of all the busyness and stress of trying to get ready to get on the plane on Sunday.

I love that Brasil has a special day every year just to celebrate our kids.

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