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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick trip back home

We've been skyping with Ansley a lot lately. She's doing great and winding up her last days at home in POA before heading to the states to hang with us for a couple of months and then heading off to Ecuador to live for a while.

In those conversations she told us about the rain they've been getting this week.

The bad thing about our city is that many people throw their trash on the ground. We also have quite a few people that live in the streets and it's easy for them to leave their trash on the ground. City workers try to keep all of it clean but too much gets down into the drainage sewers. When it rains real hard and real fast the sewers can't take it and everything starts backing up.

These were taken by our brother Freitas right in front of his hardware store a couple of days ago. 
Thankfully the water didn't enter his store.

We have one family in our church that used to live in a not-so-good neighborhood and their home sat in basically what was a big ditch. Every time it rained their house got flooded. Thankfully the government bought out their neighborhood to be able to extend the airport runway to get ready for the World Cup. Now they have moved to government housing and no longer have the flooding problem. But many, living in POA, continue to live with the fear of constant flooding with any type of big rain.

Don't know why I decided to share about the rain back home. Guess keeping up with the day to day there helps to keep us tied in to our family.

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