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Thursday, October 06, 2011


We leave our home next Sunday (the 16th) for a 3 month trip to the states.

Garrett, our child most like me in the "not a fan of school department" has been counting down the days for the last couple of weeks. Not a countdown of how many days until we get on the plane but of how many days of school he has left before we leave. That countdown doesn't surprise me. I would've had the same one.

Ansley, like we mentioned on Monday's post, is staying here at home longer. 3 weeks longer. She will be working more but the real reason she is staying longer is because one of her best friends will celebrate her 18th birthday in early November and Ansley didn't want to miss that.

Ansley has been working like crazy this year teaching English. What started out as a huge dread and burden in her daily life has turned into something she really likes to do. Her world has really opened up with working for someone other than mom and dad, making new friends, being on time to all her classes, etc. She is finding out that God has gifted her in teaching young kids. They LOVE her. Almost every night it seems like she is bringing home a new picture drawn from a different child that they made just for her. Her bosses have also praised her for her great work ethic and the way she deals with the kids.

None of this surprises us. She has so many gifts that God has given her and we knew she would do great.

It hasn't been an easy year for our 18 year old. Taking different buses to go to different places throughout the city, learning to deal with having a boss and obeying the boss even when it might not make the most sense or when you feel your way might be better, dealing with, at times, difficult kids, etc. But all in all it's been a great experience for her and she has grown so much over the year.

She has taken this year to work to make money for college and although she really loves teaching the kids she is ready to take a break in the states before moving to Ecuador in January where she will live for 5 months. After that she'll come home for a month or two and then go back to the states for college. She's excited about the future and what God is doing and we are excited for her.

She has really grown to love her job with the kids but now she too, like Garrett, has a countdown but of a different kind.

I went into her room the other day and found this post it note countdown above her bed:
Think she's excited about the end of her first real job?

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Tim Logan said...

I know Ansly will do a great job with our kids at the Hacienda of Hope. Hope to see you guys while in the states.
Tim and Marla