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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Game.....for a while


Ansley went to her last game before heading to the states and then Ecuador.

It was Ansley, Anderson, mom and me. Garrett bailed at the last minute which freed up a spot for mom.

We played against Vasco who was in first place.

We had a great time.

We ate food.

We got a good laugh at the direct hit a bird put on Ansley's jersey on the way to Beira Rio.

We got to hang out.

We got to see a rainbow (hard to see but Ansley is "holding" it).
 We got to watch mom take random pictures like she always does.

And we got to see an awesome victory followed by a celebration.

It was fun and it's been fun watching Ansley making some good memories with her bros and sister before we leave on Sunday.
Oh yeah, Ansley got a new hat that she said she's going to wear on game days in Ecuador.

My favorite picture of the day:

By the way, here are your goals of our 3-0 victory. I thought you might like watching it from Bom Dia Rio Grande instead of the national news:

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