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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Staying in Dallas

We found out we were coming to the states at the end of August.

We sent an email out to Andy (yesterday's blog) and our other brother (also mentioned yesterday but not by  name), Morgan letting them know we were coming their way.

Andy and Morgan used to work together. They both are always so gracious to us and, not surprisingly, they both offered up their cars for us to use during our stay there last week.

As I mentioned yesterday, Andy and Jennifer have always offered up their house and their big car, that fits all of our family, to use during our Dallas visits.

We usually get to see Morgan over a meal when we are there. I honestly didn't think Morgan even owned a car that could hold our family.

After we emailed them Morgan emailed a response first and told us that we could use his "Man Van." He then sent pictures for our kids to check it out and they thought it looked like a playground. We emailed back that we would love to use his van for the week. Ten minutes later we got an email from Andy telling us we could use their Suburban for the week. That's how they both are. Completely giving everything they have to our family. It didn't surprise me that both Andy/Jennifer and Morgan all offered up their cars. We never assume or expect anything from them and they always bless us so much.

Anyway, Morgan and a business associate met us at the airport when we arrived. Morgan showed us a couple of things that we needed to know and then we were off.  No, "be carefuls" or "try not to scratch it" or "please try not to this or that." He just gave us hugs, dropped the keys off in our hands and was back to work. The Thomas' do the same thing with their house. Give us house keys and that's it. It's very humbling.

Morgan's van was the biggest car I've ever driven (other than a moving truck). It was amazingly big.

If you know Texas, you know they like things big. Even the Texans were driving by gawking at this van. We came out of the conference one day and two families were just staring at the van. People slowed down or sped up  on the interstate to get next to us. We had fun trying to read people's lips when we stopped at red lights.

My girlfriend is horrible at remembering where she parked. She never had that problem the whole week. Not once. She just looked for the tallest vehicle and we walked right to it.

What I'm trying to say is that it was big. Understand? It was big!

How big? This big:
 Crazy Big.
Morgan, once again blessed us during our time in Dallas. The sad part is we didn't even get to see him after he picked us up at the airport.  He had a crazy busy week as he got ready to leave for Sierra Leone to work on the Mercy Ship. The same day we left Dallas to go to Alabama he left on his mission trip to Africa.

Morgan, just like Andy and Jennifer, always just "It's really no big deal's" us every time we go to Dallas. They act like it's nothing for us to come an invade their homes, use their cars, eat their food, etc., but it's a huge deal to us. They all show us Christ with each act of kindness.

The "Man Van" was fun to drive and opened up lots of conversations for us last week but at the heart of that beast of a car was a man who shares his worldly stuff with some goobers from Brasil.

Thank you Morgan!

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