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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sick Andersonisms

Since we've back in the states some of our friends have asked us about sharing some more Andersonisms. He always gives them out and he gave us some good ones from this past Saturday.

For lunch on Saturday he ate a hot dog and cheetos for lunch. You might already be able to guess where this is going.

My girlfriend, Garrett and I had an appointment on Saturday and as we were walking out the door my girlfriend told me she needed to stay at home because Anderson wasn't feeling good.

I went in and looked at him and his face had a greenish/beige glow. He did not look good.

Garrett and I left and came back a couple of hours later. When we got home we found out he was sleeping because he had puked a couple of times.

We heard the puke conversation went like this:

Anderson: (puking.........stop) "Hot dog." (more puking.....stop) "Hot dog."
My girlfriend: "It's okay Anderson you don't need to say what you are throwing up"

Anderson: (more puking.....crying) "Mom, are you sure this is God's plan for me?"
My girlfriend: "Hey Anderson you are just sick. Sometimes people get sick. Sometimes God teaches us when we get sick. When we get sick we can remember how yucky it feels and can learn how to take care of other people when they get sick."
Anderson: "So is the devil doing this to me?"

Even when he's sick he's funny.

Later his mean uncle and cousins scared him with Halloween stories and he got so scared he puked again. Fun day.

Positive side note: Pretty soon we'll be done with hot dogs forever. Bronwyn and Garrett already don't eat them from previous puke experiences. Now Anderson has also sworn them off forever. Can't say that I'm sad.

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