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Monday, October 10, 2011


Right now Ansley and Carys are at our favorite soccer stadium.

Why are they there and I'm sitting here at home? Why am I, and the other soccer fans in our house, not watching our team play with them?

Because they aren't watching our team and it's not a game. So why are they there?

This is why:
That's right, Justin Bieber is in concert in our city and these two are there to watch it.

Garrett and I dropped them off about 5 hours before the show even began and the line of girls to get in was around the stadium.

They are sitting with one of Carys' friends and her mom so my girlfriend made all three girls the "Bieber Fever" shirts you see above. They added to the fever by painting "J" and "B" and their hands.

I'm sure we'll hear some good stories tonight about their first big concert. I just called Ansley and she couldn't hear me because of all the screaming and the concert doesn't start for 2 more hours.

I'm glad they are doing this together before Ansley heads off to Ecuador and then college.

They won't ever forget it.

Gotta get that "Bieber Fever!"

1 comment:

Leni said...

Que bonitinhas!!!!!!!
Amanhã as duas derão estar roucas de tanto chamar pelo ídolo adolecente...JB. Com certeza elas terão mais um momento importante para lembrar pro resto de suas vidas...hehehe