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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Art Show

Last Saturday we walked across the street to the kids school for an art show.

The school was displaying the art work from every grade level and every class. Carys gave us a guided tour as the boys said, "No way I'm going to school on a Saturday!"

We got to see Anderson's handiwork which consisted of worms....
...the names of all the kids in his class...

....and then they were asked to recreate the Mona Lisa but using someone else for the picture. Who did he chose? Mona Marta (the best female soccer player in the world) of course.
We had Garrett's art work.
And the kind of art work that goes with 14 year old boys. Soccer, surfing, Reebok, Batman, Google, a Gaúcho and of course, Black Sabbath.
Then Carys showed us some of her work.

And this is one of my favorite pictures. Obviously because of our cute daughter but also because of what she is holding.
Here it is more clearly:

It spells the word peace (PAZ) and with those three letters she wrote the following, "The Lord is my shepherd and I don't lack anything. Thank you for making me who I am today." Carys

We love our kids' school. It's a Christian school. It's a Lutheran school with a Lutheran church right across the street. In fact, sometimes they have classes/activities at the church. They are taught Christian values.

Big deal right? I mean a Christian school should teach those values right? You would think so but our kids have gone to Christian schools before where they were taught things like the Big Bang Theory as fact. It was more a school where being a Christian was just part of a hodge podge of religions. Part of the buffet that a lot of Brasilians want to partake in to make sure they have their bases covered.

Last year Anderson's teacher regularly lead the class in prayer or as Anderson said (emphasis his), "She did it every single day and she always did it with us."

Do you think my son will ever forget a teacher like that? Not likely. Do you think we will? Nope.

We loved our art show tour and we loved the fact that our daughter openly thanked Jesus for taking care of her and for who He is in her life.

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the Jewell family said...

This looks like a great day. Your kids are wonderful.