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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Airport Day

We just got back from the airport.

We dropped off my girlfriend and Carys to catch their flight to the states. There they will take Ansley and Bronwyn to college.

I hate being away from my girlfriend for even one day but I am thankful to God for allowing her and Carys to be with Ansley and get her settled in to begin her new college life.  Our girls will return home three weeks from today.

The goodbye wasn't easy. Anderson cried a bunch and it brought my girlfriend to the edge of tears as well. It always kills my girlfriend to leave her kids, especially the little ones, but I know that after she got on the plane she got excited about traveling with Carys, seeing family in the states and being with Ansley over the next couple of weeks.

Thirty minutes after their flight took off Stephen's flight left. Stephen is Bronwyn's boyfriend and he was with us for close to three weeks.

Then about two hours later the Aggies group left.

Two of the girls from the Aggies and Stephen stayed with us so in a matter of a few hours today we went from a house of ten people to a house of five.

Five minutes after we left the airport Giovanni said, "Sheesh! When is mom coming home?"

I understand the feeling. We miss our family already.

We would appreciate your prayers for all the travelers.

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