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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Father's Day--Barranco--Internacional


Alright, the day started out like this: In the morning, me, Garrett, Givanto, and Bronwyn made cards for Dad.

And then we went to barranco and had THE best meat EVER!

And of course, we went to the Inter game and won 2x1! It was Giovanto's first soccer game... he is so lucky!

Dad stuff:

I loved my cards. We loved the food at Barranco! And we had a great time at the game. Giovanni did great at his first game.

We played terrible. Ponte Preta scored first and it looked like we would never score. After halftime we scored and Anderson (I know it's hard to believe) went CRAZY!! All he could say was, "WE ARE SO GOING TO WIN NOW!!!" Always Captain Optimistic!! I love that about him.

Anyway, we had 30 minutes to get our second goal. Every time we made a good play he would repeat his "fact" phrase...."WE ARE SO GOING TO WIN NOW!!"

After a quite a few chances and not scoring, having just 4 minutes left in the game and with the weather getting windy, threatening rain and colder B and I made the decision to leave. Anderson wasn't happy but he didn't complain too much other than to let me know that it would be my fault if we scored and he didn't get to see it. I was very confident it wasn't going to happen so I said, "Okay."

We had just left the stadium and the crowd around us went bananas with a guy screaming "FEITO" right behind B's ear. She said she almost peed herself because he scared her so bad.

We scored in the 2nd minute of stoppage time.

You think Anderson gave it to me all the way to the car?

Remind you of another game from 1998? Just like that game. You had faith, I didn't and today Anderson had faith and I didn't. Glad I was wrong on both games.

The boys loved being together. This is Gi about 5 minutes after we got there. He was enthralled by the singing and started clapping on his own.

This is the boys enjoying a little dance time in the second half.

After Barranco Gi konked on the couch.

When he woke up I gave him a shower before the game and then combed his hair. I didn't even really look at it but Anderson quickly informed me that Gi looked like a total nerd.

Why? Here's why.

I think he was right. He looked so different. Like a nerd.

During the game Gi looked at me and said, "When is mom coming home?" I said, "In 17 days."
His response? "No, that's too long. What about 2 days? That sounds better!"

Are you sensing a theme?

After Ponte Preta scored he looked at me and said, "Happy Father's Day!" I think he heard their fans cheering and thought it was a good time to say that.

Gi had the camera throughout the day. I know you like his work. Here are some pics from his world.

After I read books to the boys before they went to bed I thanked them for a great Father's Day. Anderson said, "We always try to do our best for you.....especially on this day!"

Gi's prayer was: "Dear God, thank you for Carys and Mom coming home and I want to play xbox kinect tomorrow. Amen"

As I laid down with them to go to bed, while getting my webbing cleaned :), I just smiled as I thought about our fun day and I thanked God for all of our kids.

Thank you too for blessing me with each one of them!

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Benay said...

Anderson, Wow! What a fun day I missed! Thanks for making Dad's day so special. I know I say this every day, but it's true: I love you and miss you all so much! Love, Mom

Kevin, you are totally welcome for the kids. I know it is only because of me that they are so perfect. Love, Your Humble Wife