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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dia 23


Today i went to school and got a convite to Henrique's party. It's at planet ball. Too many parties there!! Tomorrow me and Lucas are going to Thi Thi's party. Guess where it's at? planet ball!
and 20 days ago I went to Yuri's party which was also at planet ball. and a couple of months ago this year I went to lucas schilling's birthday party and guess where it was? planet ball!!

After school i went to soccer and i scored a goal in the training, not the game.

Me and Giovanni played work dress up again but this time it was summer version.

and i tried the uruguayan hot dogs. i thought they were going to be bad at first but they were awesome.

love you and miss you,


Gi's Blog:

I went to Jojipa and I saw Luigi at the praçinha and I played play doh at school. (Then he said, "What's a Luigi?" He had heard Anderson say that name earlier.)


Yesterday I took the boys to the pista. It was 93 degrees. The forecast says a high of 58 and rain for both Saturday and Sunday. You know what the topic next week will be again......"Mudança de temperatura." Everyone will have the flu just as you are getting home. I feel sorry for you and Carys because you guys are going to have "thermic shock." We'll have some Halls ready for you.

Anderson is enthralled by all the vereador stickers, banners, outdoors, etc. He thinks they are all running against each other and he keeps asking me who I would vote for. 

Today we saw the best advertising yet. It was this giant guy at a stop light. 
He was nice. He waved at Gi, posed for the picture and then gave us a thumbs up. 

One game the boys played today was Avengers. They had to play in Avengers underwear and that's all. Since Anderson is the only one who has Avengers underwear he shared with Gi. 

The boys are going to sleep about 7:45 every night. They are both out in just a couple of minutes. . 

One of our nightly traditions has been to read this book. 

It's the only book they want read. 

Anderson wanted me to take video for you of his practice today. Here is his after practice penalty kick. 

And here is Gi in the, once again, Cars 2 zone during Anderson's practice.

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