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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear mom,

Today i got a autograph from Fernanda Garay.
[And i got to see her gold medal.]

And by the way she is a voleyball player that won a GOLD medal.

It was really cool.

Here are some pics.


As you can imagine, Anderson was super jacked about getting Fernanda's autograph. He told me he was never going to wash that shirt again. 

You'll be happy to know that he smelled her gold medal and, according to him, it smelled like Olympic gold. 

Our lunch today was some of Bronwyn's sandwich's that she made for us. 

Even though I got them a little "too done" on the bottom, no one was complaining and everyone ate them. We killed them all.  Thanks B!

Gi spent some time as a super hero today. 

Bronwyn bought a bunch of Brasilian snacks to take with her so that you guys could eat them on the way to college. When we were in the line at the airport yesterday she said she thought she forgot to pack them.  

Unfortunately, for you guys, she was right. We found them today. (Sorry about the Toblerone Ans and sorry about the Alfajor's, pa├žocas and peanuts Benay.)

Fortunately, for these guys, she was right. They already called dibs.

Here are a couple of Quigisms from today that I thought you'd like:

"Hey Dad, I dare you to eat a crocodile!"

"Hey Dad, my eyebrows smell like salsa."

Totally random car riding comments. 

Chicken nuggets and Totosinho burgers for supper. Let the cholesterol games begin!

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