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Thursday, August 02, 2012


When I was a kid I remember the Olympics being a big deal. As I got older I don't remember caring as much. Don't know why but I've lost interest in watching them. I'll watch them if they are on but I don't stay glued to the T.V. or necessarily go looking for them.

My girlfriend and our kids still enjoy watching them. Especially the kids. When the Olympics are on T.V. they want to watch them. And they do. All sports and all channels. Especially when the Brasilian and American teams or individuals are competing.

Today I went to pick up Giovanni from school and he was excited. Really excited.

He told me that he watched Brasil, they won and they did karate. He then did some karate moves for me to show what he had seen.

I didn't know what he was talking about. Until I got home and saw this on facebook.
 It's Giovanni, his teacher, Ariane, and some of his buds from school.

They left class to go watch Mayra Aguiar go for the gold in Judo in the Olympics. Giovanni's school is part of a club and that club is where Mayra trains so everyone at the club got around T.V.'s today to watch her. Complete with Brasilian flags and screaming.

Giovanni got most of it right. It was Brasil. It was Judo instead of Karate. Mayra lost the gold but won the bronze. And it's already all over the news.

In the past Brasil hasn't won many medals. That's changing as Brasil grows. You will continue to see our athletes more and more on the world stage. We are getting tough in swimming, judo, basketball, sailing and other sports and we've been super tough for years in volleyball and, of course, soccer.

Because they haven't won many overall medals in the past they really celebrate every chance. Like today. Win, lose or draw they celebrate the competition. That's the way it's supposed to be.

I'm glad our Brasilian son got to participate and, who knows, maybe next week he'll get to meet Mayra at his school. That would be cool.

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