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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Dear Mom,

Today i went to Sogipa and played with Giovanni. We had a cookie picnic. It was very fun.

I played xbox again and as usual won all the tennis games i played.

At Sogipa i saw lucas and he asked me if i wanted to do an aula experimental.

Freitas is going to have a man night with us.

love you and miss you,



Spent the morning at the ferragem with Paulo Renato and Freitas. Got to see Auri and Mau Mau before they went to the airport. 

They are all excited to talk about the CUFA house after you get home. 

When I picked up Gi from school the first thing he said was, "So how was your day at the ferragem?" I had to look away for a second, before I answered, so he wouldn't see me laugh because he was very serious. 

Garrett got home from school and Quigs asked him, "So how was your day at school?"

We prayed for Garrett before school to do good on his test. Gi wanted to pray. We got in a circle, Gi told us to hold hands and then he prayed for Garrett's test. Very cool. 

I made some Ramilo sandwiches for lunch and, again, the little guys had chicken nuggets for supper. They might turn into chicken nuggets before next Wednesday because that's all they want for supper. I think they will all be happy when the best cook we know comes home. I know I will be happy!

This is the only photo I took today. Thought you would like it. 
I just now saw Anderson's face. Pretty typical of our family.  I love our kids!

Love and miss You!!!!

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