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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



i miss you SOOOOO much!!! i can't believe it's only one more day.

i also have pictures.....NACHOOOOOOOOO beard.

also i have some other pictures but if i show you i would spill the beans so you have to wait till tomorrow.

well today i found out that my black chuteiras fit me and i decided to paint the nike sign and everything that was white green to make it look like the chuteira that i wanted. it's already dry but if you brought me home the cool shoes that i wanted i'll just go ahead and wash the green off my shoes but seriously it looks awesome.

can't believe gremio won against inter.

and guess what? when i went to school today i saw all my friends in gremio shirts. not lucas. cause the principal of the school let people where gremio shirts just like he let inter fans where inter shirts when we won the libertadores. and i've got to admit that i'm kind of jealous. why would i say that?

love you and miss you,


seriously, i miss you SOOO much!!!!


I apologize for the photo above. I shaved the beard today and the boys wanted me to do it in stages. First it was Wolverine pork chop sideburns with a goatee. Then just the goatee. Then a fu manchu mustache. Then a regular mustache with a soul patch then just a soul patch. 

I grossed myself out with each stage. Since the 3 week beard was Anderson's idea I allowed him to decided how it would go. He laughed and giggled each time I came out of the bathroom. 

For some reason this picture reminded him of Nacho Libre. 

He picked it out for the blog and asked me to post it. I said, "Are you sure? That picture is grossing me out!" He looked at me and said, "Are you kidding? It's AWESOME!!! You should've kept it for mom to see!" 

He was totally serious. 

Again, I apologize that our son made me put it on here but since it's been his blog for 3 weeks and he put whatever he wanted on here I felt I needed to continue, even at the expense of embarrassing myself,  with his wishes. 

Can't believe you get home tomorrow! We can't wait!! It's been fun watching the boys get ready for your and Carys' arrival tomorrow. They are excited!!!


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