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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tooth, Dida and B


Today my tooth came out:

I took a picture with the goalie Dida:

Bronwyn made breakfast.

She made some biscuts.

Here is Giovannis blog:


I went to Sogipa when they opened this morning. It was almost 70 degrees. Can you believe that? It was close to 90 today. Bronwyn and I were talking the other day. This is definitely the warmest and best winter of our 12 winters here. 

We enjoyed our two last, great home cooked meals by B before she got on the plane. She spoiled us over the last week but thankfully left us with a lot of frozen meals. 

Gi wasn't too happy that she was leaving today (look at his picture above). He asked, on more than one occasion, why everyone was always leaving us and going to the airport. After taking Ans, you guys, Stephen, the Aggies and now B I think that's a valid question. 

That question was usually followed by, "When is mom coming home?" 

B had a pretty full last day with us. 

She got some tv time in with Gi.......

....finished a project for you......

.....and even painted her toenails.

We took B to the airport about an hour before her flight left.

She got checked in and then was met with this.

Did I share about the Federal Police strike that kept us from picking up Gi's Brasilian passport last week? 

They decided to hit the airport today. I asked the TAM guy how B was supposed to make her flight if she had to be in this line. He assured us it would be okay because we were there and checked in an hour before her flight and she would make it. As her flight time got closer they moved her, and about 10 other people from her flight, up to the front of the line. 

The guy told us that they aren't hitting the airport every day. Yesterday they weren't there. Today they clogged up EVERYTHING. 

On the plane she sat on the same row (one seat away) as Dida. She said he was super nice to everyone who asked for a photo or picture. That's the way he treated Anderson. I like him even more now. 

She just called from São Paulo and said the strike is going on every day at their airport but the United lady told her they only start after 5:00 p.m. So she got the wrong day here and the wrong time there. 

On the way home from soccer practice Anderson led us in the "Men" cheer about 10 times. He's jacked about the guy days to come. 

The boys wound down the day by hanging out together and watching the Regular Show.
I just put them to bed. They were both worn out. 

In Gi's prayer he thanked God for the trip to Disney World. This is becoming a nightly prayer routine.  He prays like it's already done and he knows the date. 

Does he know something we don't? I hope so. 

Be safe tomorrow. We are praying. 

Love you. 

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Benay said...

Dear guys, Looks like you had a fun and exciting day! Anderson, Granna said she loves reading your blogs. Tomorrow tell her to leave a comment since she likes them so much! i miss you all! love, mom