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Monday, August 13, 2012



Today we went to Paulinho's.
And I promised him that I would make a drawing for him the next time I come.

I had white sauce spaghetti and jello. And my favorite food......"rice balls." It was awesome!!

My stuff: 

Paulinho and Karen sent hugs to you, Ans, Carys and "One Week!"

They also said they would make sure we are fed after B leaves on Thursday. I love those guys!

I'm pretty sure Gi liked the food as well. 
Had an early start to the day as Anderson came into our room at 4:20 and said, "Dad! Dad! Open this for me please!" 

It was a bottle of glue and he was doing a school project. 

That's our boy!

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Benay said...

Hey! No fair eating at Paulinho's while I'm not there!!! It looks like you guys had another fun day. Love you and miss you!