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Saturday, August 18, 2012



Today I snuck an alfajor in my stomach. It was awesome! I haven't had one in like 2 or 3 years.

And then Giovanni went to his apresentação but he couldn't do anything with his friends because sadly he had pink eye. Poor him.

And then we went to Garrett's game and also sadly he lost 1-0 but he played really good. And dad said at the beginning of the game that the first play he saw Garrett play he looked like Rodrigo Moledo running.

And then we went to Paulinho's. Giovanni ate about 15 plates of food.

Miss you and love you.


Here is Gi's blog:


Gi woke up with pink eye.  Fun!

He wasn't that upset that he didn't, because of his pink eye, get to participate in the apresentação. We went and sat away from everyone to be safe. The first part was a magician and he was pretty good but Gi got bored about 10 minutes in and asked to go home. 

Since he couldn't be around his friends because of his pink eye I told Stella that we were leaving. She gave Gi his Father's Day present to give to me. He was super excited. Can you tell which eye is messed up?

We also took a picture in front of the Sogipa Olympians before we left. Quigs was a little afraid, at first, of the giant picture of the three. 

Garrett did play great. I think it was his best game ever as a zagueiro. The other team scored on a great falta. 

While we waited at Garrett's game Gi started to whine about how hungry he was and how badly he wanted to go to Paulinho's. He showed me how upset he was and asked me to take pictures of each emotion. 

This is, "I want to go home."

This is, "I'm hungry and want to go to Paulinho's." Anderson informed me that he "photo bombed" this photo. Thanks Aggies. 

And this is, "I want to go home AND I'm hungry AND I want to go to Paulinho's."

Then, as always, he took over the camera. 

Anderson has been dying for sagu every time we go to Paulinho's but they never have it. He went to talk to Paulinho today to find out what day they will have it. Paulinho asked him, "What day are you coming back because I will make sure I have it on that day." They agreed on next Saturday. Anderson was jacked. 

This is what was left after Giovanni got through. 

It doesn't even include the plate of beans and rice that Karen already took away. The damage? Plate of beans and rice, one and a half bife's, bowl of pasta and dessert. Guess he was kind of hungry. 

Ricardo told me to keep Givanto away from everyone for three days. Not easy to keep him in the apartment, away from playing with and touching Anderson or Garrett's face as they wrestle. Also tough to keep him entertained inside when it's so hot and pretty outside. 

Glad you guys made it safely to school. Ans is going to do great and have 100 new friends by Monday. 

Love you guys

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