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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Junior Blogger

Anderson was sad that his mom got on a plane yesterday to go to the states for three weeks so he and my girlfriend made a promise to do a blog for each other every day until she gets home.

So for the next three weeks we will tag team the blog for our girls in the states.

So enjoy girlfriend, Ansley, Carys (Bronwyn is living it for the next week) and the rest of you who decide to follow Anderson's story telling!

Here you go:

Today was a very olimpicick day. I don't know if olimpicick is a word...Anyway,USA won a gold medal in womens soccer,USA also ran a race AND...they eventually... got in last place. BOO!

Bronwyn made taco's for lunch. They were awesome!

Garrett won his soccer game 2x1.

I went to soccer class and did a assist. Happy day!

Brazil plays in the finals in mens soccer against Mexico.

Some added input from Gi:
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Quigs also made us promise to add things he's told Bronwyn and myself over the last day and made us write down. He literally is looking over my shoulder right now making sure I type EVERYTHING he told us to say. He's only asked me if I'm done 25 times so far. He really wanted to "do a blog too."

He's been crazy wild today (and not necessarily in a good way). Bronwyn's been a HUGE help in dealing with the extra energy. I think it's a combo of you being gone and his missing school the last 2 days with his fever. He's all better so he's going back to school tomorrow to burn off some of his wild energy. 

Here are his quotes:

"I love tackle it and I love Cars 2 and the Aggies love Cars 2 too. And I love the Aggies and they're so beautiful."

"I play games and you're so beautiful. But just mom. He's SO beautiful!"

"And I live in a castle. I love bibles and stories and books. And I love lunch and there's only one Disney."

"Dear my friends, You're mad. And I love mom and dad. And you're not fair kids. And you're mad."

"Dear kids, you're mad and I love Disney World and I go to sleep all the time and you're mad at me every day. No. Yes. No. Yes."

And my 3 favorites: 
"Dear mom and dad. You're (mom) so beautiful too. But not you (dad) too!"

"You're gonna squeeze your buns and give a kiss on the lips and be an uncle too!"

Gi: "When is mom gonna come back and Carys gonna come back?"
Me: "In about 3 weeks."
Gi: "Cool! I like that number!"

Garrett and I came home from his soccer game (he played great) and we were met with this:

Puzzle piece heaven. Can you see the actual Cars on the puzzles? Heaven.....pure heaven!

Right before I posted this Givanto made me take his picture to "put it on the blog."

Like I said, he's crazy today.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun day,guys! I love olimpicick days. The tacos sound great, but I would rather have a cheese, egg, and olive sandwich. I can't wait to read the blog tomorrow. Love you! Mom

Adwee said...

hey so... what about blogs for me?!?!?!?! iM THE ONE GOING TO COLLEGE! HELLOOOOO VANTO!!!!! adwee loves youuuu!!!! love, adwee the most beautiful of all!