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Friday, August 24, 2012



Today i found my 25 reais that i thought i lost.

After school lucas came over. We played a lot.

We went to thi thi's party. It was awesome! I scored a goal. Actually 3. And i did a assist.

Lucas's mom [Alexia] took me home.

Today was fun!

[And by the way, i know what i want you to bring back. you know how i'm going to start soccer at sogipa? well, i need cleats to play on that kind of soccer field and i already know what kind of shoe i want. it's nike. black with a light green nike symbol.]

Love, Anderson.


Gi came home from school dressed up as a soldier. 

Not sure why today was soldier day but he was super excited to be one. 

Within 5 minutes of Lucas being here I found them running around like this:

Giovanni's underwear on everyone's head. I think it's funny Lucas got stuck with the pair that got washed with red clothes. He didn't seem to mind. 

5 minutes later they were all running around in just their underwear. Like I said, it's a frat house here right now. 

Giovanni made sure Lucas felt at home. 

Quigs was in the Cars 2 zone for half the day. The other half?  He became Batman. I mean he literally became Batman. He wore the cape in the house. He wore it to the party Anderson and Lucas went to and he wore it when we went to pick up Garrett from soccer practice. He wore it until he climbed into bed.

He made me take a video of Batman. Here it is:

You can hear Garrett in the background talking to Pops thanking him for his new chuteiras. He is very excited and can't wait for you guys to get home so he can try them out. Thanks Pops and Grandmommy for the early birthday present!!

By the way, Garrett scored 2 goals in practice today as a zagueiro. Pretty cool. Next stop.....Inter!

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