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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Today, well, this morning, i made a paper world grand prix race track for Vanto.

And at night.......... Me and Dad played x box. i played like 50 games of tennis and won all of them. Dad played baseball and whenever he made a H.R. [Home run] he would take off his shorts and his shirt and wave his shirt in the air.

Vera made us lunch as usual it was really good. 

And i went to soccer and played fine. 

Love you and miss you,



Gi has been in the Cars 2 zone over the last couple of days. 

Yesterday he lined up his cars in race formation with the rest of the guys watching the race. 
He wasn't happy until Daryl Cartrip was set up high on the couch to give the play by play of the race. 

Vera found a couple of Bronwyn's friends that she left behind in Carys' room.

I signed the kids up for the Sogipa race on Saturday and me for the 10k on Sunday. Garrett responded to that with, "You are going to run a 10k on your birthday?" Like that was the dumbest thing he's ever heard to do on your birthday. I thought that was funny. 

Garrett said he did good on his test yesterday. He's got one today and one tomorrow. He's been studying hard. 

I bought a Coke Zero yesterday, took it home and put it in the fridge. I told Garrett he could have the rest. He got it out and then came and asked me what this means. 

I had no idea. We both thought it was weird. 

This is how hot it's been at night in the apartment. 

Everyone is using fans. Weird, weird winter. 

As far as the stripping down with the X-Box.....it's a man house. What can I say? It's like a fraternity house around here right now. We are doing all kinds of crazy things. 

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