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Sunday, August 19, 2012



Today we went to sogipa and i saw Davi there and we played futebol for like, 2 hours.

We ate Bronwyn's cowboy calzones for lunch. They were really crunchy.

Me and Vanto played dress up. We were workers.

Miss you and love you.



Gi's eye looks a little better today (he's actually letting me drop the medicine right into his eyeball with no complaints......amazing) but he and Anderson both have little colds now. Fun. Mudança de temperatura.

I took the boys to Sogipa early in hopes of keeping Gi away from other kids. We ran into Davi as soon as we got there. 

As the boys played soccer me and Gi played on the other side of the field and then we played hide and seek, picked flowers, looked at his school and went the the praçinha. He instructed me on what pictures to take and he took a few himself. Here they are:

Remember when Anderson had to pick a picture out of his dad for Father's Day a few years ago? Well Gi got to do that this year. 

Here are the pictures that the kids picked out. 
Frederico's dad is Cristiano Ronaldo. Pedro Zaffari? Rafael Nadal. 

For Gi? I'm this guy. 

I think it's hilarious. When has he ever seen me in a suit? And what's with the baby? Maybe he's telling us that he wants us to have one more? Who knows? 

When we got home Gi got in the Cars zone. I loved it. 

When the boys played worker dress up this is what they drove to get to work. 
They were also used as work desks.  

It was an amazingly pretty day. Here are some photos just for you. 

Gi asked me how many days until you and Carys get home. I told him 10 and he said, "Cool." 

It's 8:25 and everyone is already in bed. This is definitely a party house!

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