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Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Today i went to school and scored five goals in soccer.

And then vera came and made us yummy lunch.

And i went to soccer practice and played good.

And then i went home and played dress up star wars and tackle it with giovanni.

And then of course, bronwyn, dad and garrett got the hot dogs from the uruguaian guy and me and giovanni got yummy cheeseburgers from mcdonalds.

Here is Gi's blog:

Some stuff from me:

Here is your boy talking to you on the phone yesterday. Garrett tried to get a picture of him holding the phone to the tv so you could "see" what he was watching but he got busted. 
Then he got upset with Garrett and said, "No cameras please! No cameras!" 
Rest easy, Quigs still thinks he's the boss.

Funny Quigisms from today:

"I want some GSP dad." (We have no idea)

Coming out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth: "I got dibs on the cheese!" (Again, no idea)

I accidently moved his cookies that he had ready to take to school for his snack and he looked at me and said, "Don't you dare!"

On the way home from soccer he emphatically shot this out two times before anyone could answer: "SHEESH MARIA! WHEN IS MOM COMING HOME?" He wasn't happy with the answer and repeated that it needs to be 2 days instead of 15. 

It seems like he might be missing you a little bit. 

The highlight of my day may have been the best, most awesome blond moment B has ever had in her life during a conversation we had. I'll let her share with you when you pick her up on Friday. 

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